Meet the team

Management Team

Nursery Directors – Emma Ward & Gary Ward

Emma and Gary originally set up Chiltern Nursery in Sutton in 2002 as they were unable to find a nursery that they liked for their own son. Fast forward a few years later they are now the directors of three nurseries.

Emma and Gary are very hands on, and spend time at all the settings during the week.

Nursery Manager – Sherrill Tobin

Sherrill has been working for the company since December 2009 when she started as room leader of the buttercup babies. She soon showed her determination and progressed through management to now be the nursery manager.

Sherrill holds a level 5 management qualification as well as her assessors award through our in-house training academy.

Office Manager – Dawn Thomas

Dawn began working for the company in 2014 supporting Emma, Gary and Sherrill with the running of the office and front reception desk. Dawn came to the nursery with a background in school office work and is now responsible for managing the running of the nursery from the front line.

Training Academy Support – Nicola Kingston

Nicola joined the nursery team as an unqualified apprentice in 2012, working her way through the ranks to deputy manager of our Epsom nursery Lynton House in 2015.

After having her daughter in 2016 Nicola has re-joined the team but in a different role. Nicola now helps to support all our apprentices and staff members who are currently taking on a qualification through our in house training academy, whilst at the same time studying for her own assessors qualification.



Baby Room Teams

We have two baby rooms dedicated to the love and care that our smallest children need when they first start with us.


Room Leaders – Charlotte & Alison

Charlotte has been working for the company since 2009 as room leader of our youngest baby room. She job shares across the week with Alison who began working for us in 2011.

Both Charlotte and Alison are mummies, Charlotte to two girls and Alison to a boy and a girl so know what parents are going through when they first start their child in a nursery setting.

They are supported in the sweet-pea room by Niamh, Sam, Karen and Ella.



Room Leader – Ellen

Ellen was previously working within our youngest baby room, but she is thoroughly looking forward too looking after our older babies in buttercups. Ellen has been working for the company since 2014 and is level 3 qualified

Ellen is supported in buttercups by Mel, Liz, Stephanie, Ella and Keeleyanne.


Toddler Room Teams

Our toddlers are in 2 different rooms depending on their own personal learning journey.


Room Leader – Cassie

Cassie has worked her way up through the ranks and is now room leading our larger of the toddler rooms since 2015. She started with the company in 2010 and has a level 3 childcare qualification.

Cassie is supported in daisies by Chloe, Debbie, Jazmine, Annie, Sammi and Pam.



Room Leader – Hannah

Our poppy room is the smallest of the toddlers and supports children from 2yrs 8months to rising 3yr olds.

Hannah has worked at Glaisdale since 2015 starting as an apprentice and working her way up to room leader. Hannah loves being outside with the children and is level 3 qualified. Hannah is supported by Ana, Becky and Halle.


Pre-School Room Teams

We have two large pre-school rooms, each able to accommodate 24 3-5yr olds.

Senior Pre-School Leader – Lisa

Lisa has overall responsibility for both the preschool rooms, supporting the room leaders and staff to plan appropriate activities for each age and stage of learning. Lisa has been with the company since 2009 working in the toddler daisy room before moving down to pre-school in 2010 and becoming the room leader of the sunflower room shortly afterwards.


Room Leader – Josie

Josie has been working as Lisa’s deputy in sunflowers for a couple of years and is ready for taking on the room leader role permanently. Josie started with Glaisdale in 2012 and thoroughly enjoys working with the older of our children.

Josie is level 3 childcare qualified as well as having the forest school qualification which she uses throughout the week with the pre-schoolers.

Josie is supported in sunflower room by Annabel, Lucy, Sinead, Alice and Adele.   



Room Leader – Becky

Becky starting as bank staff with us in 2013, and became an apprentice in Sunflowers soon after. SHe gained her level 3 qualification in September 2016 and soon moved to blossom room to take on her first leadership role as room leader. Becky is supported by Hollie, Paula, Alek, Hannah, Anamaria and Cheryl.

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